Burp Cloths

Diaper Burp Cloths

New Moms will love these burp cloths made from thick, white pre-fold diapers.  The burp cloths are 14" x 20". 
The $8.50 price includes a name and either ribbon or fabric trims.  There are so may cute trim options available.

Please click on a picture below to see a larger version!

Diaper Burp Cloths $8.50

Isabella Frame
other colors available
Fleur Des Lis
other colors available
Kaleigh Frame
other colors available
Bella Frame
other colors available
Diamond Applique
other colors available
Circle Applique
other colors available
Petal Frame
other colors available
Circle Full Name Pink Gingham
Curlz Applique Initial Curlz Initial
Shown in Pink and Brown, other colors available
Cute as a Button
Fancy Shoe Dot Name or Big Dots Fringe Flower Fairy
Fringe Baby
Verse or Name
Fringe Flower or Bug Fringe Butterfly
Fringe Square
(can be initial only)
Floral Ribbon Jester Letter
Little Dress Pink and Brown Dots Pink and GreenStripe 

Swirl Initials Pink toile Green Toile
Black Purse Wild Princess Wild Princess Bling
Yellow Flower Girls Misc. Wagon Friends
(Can change people)
Initial with Flowers Girl Set $38 Girl Set $38



Initial - small
available in other colors
Initial with Name
available in other colors
Construction Little Boy Face Boy Paci
Baby Ball
specify blue or pink
Baseball Bear Argyle
specify name or initials
Brown Dot
or Plaid
Blue and Brown Dots Green and Brown
Circle Name  Circle Name Appliq. Circle Letter Appliq.
Cowboy Designs Fun Applique Letter Filled Block Letter
Fire Truck Appliq. Frog Helicopter
Oxford Stripe Blue Toile or Sailboat Sports

Square Dots Taxi  Cute Tow Truck
Toy Airplane Toy Train  
Lions, Tigers & Bears Bulldog Boy Set $38

Boys or Girls


College Ideas College Colors College Colors 2
Custom Themes


Burp Cloth &
 Bib Sets
Denim Burp & Bib Set
Boys   Burp/Hooded Towel



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