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November 2007

Coffee Cups 
Personalized Sippy Cups and Sport Cups

Sippy Cups
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Coffee Cups
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Sport Cups
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January 2007

New Terry Cloth Bibs and Hooded Towels for Infants. 
Towel wraps, slippers and cosmetic cases will make great gifts for Mother's Day.
An awesome new line of nylon duffels, backpacks and lunch kits.

Terry Cloth Bibs $10
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Infant Hooded Towels
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Towel Wraps
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Backpacks, Totes, Duffels and Lunchboxes
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December 2006

Holiday Door Pillows
Holiday Onesies
Holiday Burp Cloths
Holiday Hair Bows
$4 small  $5 large
Std. Pillow Cases $12
Limited Supply
Custom Pacifier Clips
Personalized Ribbon Key Chain  $7  


October 2006

Pony O's  - $8 Available in many colors and font styles
Pony O's are 1 1/2" Buttons with a black elastic band


November 28, 2005

I've purchased a wonderful new commercial embroidery machine and can now monogram backpacks, lunch boxes, Christmas stockings, hats and all sorts of other things that wouldn't fit my old home machine.  Call me to discuss your new projects!

June 27, 2005

Look at these wonderful new design sets I have purchased from a great company called Band to Bow.  Each set contains individual designs that can be customized and placed on your garments.  For example, we can make a birthday bib or t-shirt especially for your child's birthday using a design from the birthday set.  The designs fit great on hooded towels, t-shirts, pillowcases, tote bags or anything else you can think of.  Call me for more information.

Curlz Appliqu� Font
Looks cute on T-shirts
Applique Font Idea photo courtesy of band to bow
Birthday Appliqu�
Great for Bibs or T-shirts for the birthday kid
Boyz Craze Appliqu� Boyz Craze 2 Appliqu�
Boyz Craze 3 Appliqu� Cheerleader
The cheerleader would be cute on a tote bag, t-shirt or pillow case.
Fruit Appliqu�
Nice on k
itchen towels or aprons (see gift ideas page)

Totally Me What's Buzzin Unique Kids
Appliqu� designs.  Hair color and clothing can be customized


All pictures courtesy of Band to Bow.  Designs copyrighted by Band to Bow

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